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Choose your side to be Bettor Or A Bookie

The sports prediction market allows users to be a bettor or a bookmaker. Make sports predictions more exciting and flexible by setting the odds yourself!

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Back betting is the typical betting available on all sports betting sites, including traditional sports-books.

When you’re backing a team with a bet, you’re essentially wagering that the team will win.

Order Book

The Order Book is a list of bets available on the Betswap platform and the odds associated with them. Our order matching engine will match customers looking to place bets with matching offers.


An option on exchanges where bettors can play the role of the bookmaker.

Rather than backing a selection to win, lay betting enables you to bet on something to not happen. Lay betting allows you to ‘be the bookie’. Set your own odds and allow someone else to take the bet.

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Be the Bookie

No trading experience?
No problem.

Our AI-driven Automated Trading Tool does all the work for you, laying the sports and markets of your choice and matching with bettors all around the world.


Deposit into the Betswap global liquidity pool and earn an ROI on bets matched on the top sporting events around the clock.

Manage your portfolio 24/7

Check your stats and investment positions in real time and withdraw profits back to your wallet daily.

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Our community
Builds our product

Active members of our community participate in regular customer focus and research groups to define the look and feel of our products and features. They decide which new games and tournaments we introduce and which rewards and promotions we offer.

All BSGG holders have voting rights in the most important decisions for Betswap, from choosing our mascot to our next roadmap milestone.

Developing the best and most widely used decentralized Sports Trading Exchage wouldn’t be possible without our community.

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Check out our tutorials, learn all about Betswap and take part in our quiz. You can earn free BSGG coins!

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We’re focused on transforming how people think, feel and play during their engagement in sports and at the casino.

Our games are not only designed to be better than what’s on the market, but are built to delight people and deliver more value.

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How do I
Place a Bet?
It’s time for you to start winning! Connect your wallet and place a bet by following these simple steps:
How do I lay a bet &
Be a Bookmaker?
Have you always wanted to be the bookie? Follow these simple steps to learn how to lay a bet!
How do I
Cancel a Bet?
In case you want to cancel a bet, follow this step-by-step quick guide to cancel your bet before it is matched!
How do I withdraw
My winnings?
Congrats! You've won a bet. Here are a few quick steps to withdraw your winnings



  • Fiat to crypto Solutions
  • Web 2 Onboarding Experience
  • New UI | UX
  • PVP Market
  • Betswap Version 2.0(Including Web 3 Casino, Exchange, Bankroll Wallet, ABLP)
  • Accumulator/ Multi/ Parlay Bets
  • API for external Market makers
  • Technology Licensing (B2B)
  • DAO Voting (Phase 1)
  • eSports Platform
  • Social Betting & Custom Bets
  • CEX Tier 1/2 Listing
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  • Dependent to Market Conditions

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Browse our faq’s below, if you can not find the answer you’re looking for please contact us.
A: Betswap is DeFi's first truly multi-chain decentralized peer-to-peer sports betting exchange. Betswap allows anyone from anywhere to make predictions on popular sporting and e-sports events. No personal information required!
A: A betting exchange is a marketplace that allows bettors to wager against each other at lower fees than those offered by a traditional sportsbook. Two customers agree on the odds and stakes for a given game, and bet against one another. Betting exchanges are different from traditional betting sites in that they allow players to bet directly against each other and set odds themselves. Instead of being limited to the odds set by bookies, and only having the option to back a certain outcome, a betting exchange allows users to go head-to-head against each other by either backing or laying.
A: Unlike traditional sports betting where bets are against the house, Betswap is a peer-to-peer platform. You bet against other users and liquidity providers, and the exchange acts as an intermediary marketplace for your bets. Betswap offers users more flexibility than traditional sportsbooks, and the ability to set their own odds allowing bettors for the first time to play both sides of a bet: as a bettor or a bookie.

The entire betting process will run off of smart contracts. This means we never take possession of your funds, ever. When you engage in a bet, the wagered funds of both players will be placed in a smart contract that is set to immediately release the funds upon completion of the event. Once the match is concluded, the contract immediately releases the funds to the winning player. No payout delays, you receive your money immediately.
A: Signing up is as easy as connecting your wallet! We don’t require any sensitive personal information or details. All you have to do is connect to the exchange using your MetaMask (or similar crypto wallet), follow a few simple prompts, and immediately have full access to everything Betswap has to offer. Go from signup to earning in only a few minutes!
A: The Ethereum - layer 2 Polygon blockchain is the centerpiece of the platform, but our multi-chain BSGG Token also resides on Fantom and Avalanche blockchains and can evolve to meet the demands for any upcoming chains that have the demand for it. The platform utilizes a governance token that gives its users voting powers to shape the future of the platform.


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